About Us

We are not here to make any profit. We are here to encourage a budding community of Good Deeder’s.

Good Deeds will not charge any commission or take any cut from your donations. We will provide them the exact donations given by you.

Connecting Donors With NGOs

The NGOs we work with

Good Deeds is a unique platform that provides opportunity to individuals for helping those in need. We work with different NGOs to identify their needs. We are 100% non-profit Organization and every Rupee spent on the product is utilized with Zero marketing overheads or commissions. Hence, we ensure that the Donor gets value for every Rupee that he donates. We have partnered with multiple wholesalers to ensure that we get the best possible prices for the products so that we maximize the value of Donations.


The golden heart foundation

We are a non-profit Foundation, so every paisa that is donated goes directly towards the betterment of the underprivileged. All our projects are personally supervised .

Annapum School


Vanitashray exists to help care for abandoned, exploited and marginalised children in India. For Vanitashray, No effort is too big, No need is too small.


Annapurna School

Established in the year 2000. Imparting education to the ones in need and providing meals and shelter to 250 children who are below the line of poverty.


We are a nonprofit foundation with the objective to empower our youth by implementing their ideas for social change. We want to be a medium for our youth to create a new era of social wellbeing and upliftment.


Poor Families

Cancer Patient Aid Association

Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) is a 50 year old non-profit organization and our primary concern  is to meet the needs of poor cancer patients who do not have access nor can afford cancer treatment. CPAA reaches out to patients from all walks of life in every possible way.


Unsung Heroes

Unsung heroes is an online platform that acknowledges the work of NGO’s that have not been recognized.Our motive is to help & recognize the “unheard” strata of  society  as they are the true backbone and change makers .

Be the reason some one smiles today

Acknowledge & Spread Smiles

Every rupee donated is utilized for the selected campaigns and products. All platforms in India and across the globe recover their costs or make commissions on donations. Some platforms charge 10% as direct commission or commission from vendors. On Good Deeds, all platform, administration, delivery and any other costs are borne by the site owners. You incur no costs or overheads. What you spend is what the needy get.

You can donate to a cause or buy products depending on your choice and budget. There is no minimum or maximum limit. E.g. You can choose to donate as little as 1 kg of wheat worth Rs. 30/- and we will deliver it to the needy for you. There is a cause and a product for every preference and every budget.

Our tie-ups with wholesalers ensure we get the best prices. You have the option of buying products and donating them directly to the beneficiaries if you get lower prices.


We directly deliver the products to those who need them. There are no middlemen involved.

For anything you select and pay for on the site, we deliver the products on your behalf to those who need them without any delivery charges. Alternatively, if you choose to donate clothes or groceries that you have purchased, please contact us and we can arrange for a pickup anywhere in Pune.

For every donation you make, you will receive email updates with photographs.

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